A Life Changing Journey to Be the Cause® of Better Outcomes for Your life!
Watch Dr. Judy Rosenberg's Presentation on Her Mind Map™ Course
Dr. Judy's Mind Map™ Course Will Teach You to Think Like A Shrink and Be The Cause® of Creating Better Outcomes for Your Life!
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What You Will Get In This Package:
10 Part Video Series
Access Online Only
Be The Cause® Book
Mind Map™ Journal
Online Access
+ Peaceful Healing Dialogue Included
This is a System of Healing 
Identify childhood wounds, dismantle them at the CAUSAL level and Paradigm Shift into mental well-being.
Get To The Truth: 
Identify Your Childhood Wounds
Learn how to identify childhood wounds from your past, how you reacted to them and how you encoded them. 
See How Your Wounds Still Affect You Today
See how your wounds created your current chaos and how to identify defense mechanisms that keep you stuck. Break through your defenses and release yourself from psychological prison. 
Learn To Shift: 
Paradigm Shift Into Mental Health
Learn how to paradigm shift your relationship with yourself and others, heal, recode, and reconnect. This will allow you to Be The Cause® of better outcomes for your life.
  • Don't Get Treatment for the Symptoms, Treat the Underlying Cause
  • These Are Not Just Techniques. It's an Entire System That Has Worked for Thousands!!
  •  Get Instruction From a Licensed Clinical Psycholologist Who Has Been in Practice for Over 25 Years
  •  Journal Your Mind Map™ Journey, your storyboard of your pathway from DISCONNECTION and MENTAL UNHEALTH to your mental HEALTH and CONNECTION
Save time, money and do your Mind Map™ process in the privacy of your own home on your own schedule.
Heal through a proven System that thousands of clients have participated in and have successfully paradigm shifted into mental health.
The Mind Map™ System is designed to HEAL HUMAN DISCONNECT (®) and dismantle your dis-ease, or symptoms and damaging patterns of mental un-health at the CAUSAL level. Unlike traditional therapy, it is time limited to 10 sessions, and effectively identifies your WOUNDS OF CHILDHOOD, how they EMBED into your psyche, and how to HEAL, shift out your old unhealthy psychological blueprint, reboot the system, and create a new sustainable healthy future.
By the End of the Video Series You Will Learn:
WHO is the cause of your mental dis-ease
WHAT Human Disconnect does to your psyche
WHERE you are going on the pathway to healing

FROM - Past mental health
THROUGH - Dismantling your old psychological DNA
TO - Paradigm shifting into a newly encoded and healthy blueprint of mental health
Do this NOW so you don't have to carry your dis-ease within and spread it to the next generation.
WHY? Because you're sick and tired of suffering from anxiety, depression, bad habits, relationships and other unhealthy symptoms and patterns
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